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And if I say no longer live
And then go out
It is windy and summer
And asked me says, run, as I pay
Back to you, take two jeans with me
And your smile

This summer, I am fall in love
This summer, I am fall in love
This summer, I am fall in love with you
Now I know that the sea is waiting for me

Sand kiss me and he
A shell I'll scratch in the right hand
Seaweed I'll scratch NITEL
And while it's windy outside and the big one was hurt
And I'll throw a wave in her tent
I'll go crazy and salt melt
A kiss

Now holding a beer in hand (and a drink)
In my left lead someone
Get back to you drunk after a month
With big-n soul and my oyster
I know you to argue
And then you'd forgive me
Because wind is your best friend
And there's more
You know you está my big winter



даниэль 04.12.2017
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