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Sunsets in Scorpio,
The new day is gone,
This world was dead and done before I was born.
All around me is misery,
The living dead trying to drag me down.

I stalk the streets at night, be afraid it's knife or be knifed.
Cities graveyards the dead will rise,
Grinning ghouls that I despise.
Children raped and mothers killed,
All around us animals blood will be spilled.

This world is dead, this world is bled.

Children worship dead eyes and cocaine,
Lucifer laughs this is his domain.
Dead fill the streets up to the sky,
Tears fill my eyes but I will not die.

This dead black asteroid crawling with maggots decayed,
Black seas spew up leviathan.
Even new gods are stillborn,
When the earth finally crashes into the sun,
Tears of joy at last as I burn.

You've never known,
You've never shown.
You've never bled,
You're only dead.
You've never been,
You've never seen.
You never had a fucking chance.



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