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I have lived a thousand lives or more
Stolen broken hearts behind closed doors
Seen the Seven Wonders of the World
And then everywhere I go your name is my soul
Take me back
Make it happen
Get on the floor cause a chain reaction
Dame jaleoleoleoleoleola
Dame jaleoleoleoleoleola
No te detengas, no me esquives, déjate lleva
Porque esta noche, tú serás mía
Version Dame jaleoleoleoleoleola
Dame jaleoleoleoleoleola
I'll hypnotize you- by the gypsy moon
S And then for one night
You will be mine
I can feel you underneath my skin
You're the reason for the shape I'm in
On your lips I kiss the taste of sin
I wanna take your naked heart into my hands
Atrapao, moribundo
Con estas ganas de bailar contigo
Coro Rap...
Caught me with my hands in the fire
I'm trapped in my desire
To be with you now...my love
Dame jaleoleoleoleoleola
Dame jaleoleoleoleoleola
Porque esta noche, tú serás mía
Dame jaleoleoleoleoleola
Dame jaleoleoleoleoleola
Oh nobody will know exept the moonlight
Dame Jaleo



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