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I have my freedom - it's of no consequence -
But nonetheless my freedom is my first defence
I feel it sliding away from me, it can't protect me from this twisted destiny
I falter in my stride I can't defy it, I can't deny
That I could keep doing this, I could stay here
And of all the things in life this is the one that fills me with fear

I have my freedom - it is my first defence -
But I keep on earning which is just common sense
In this position common sense is a commodity,
It's not innate, it's bought and sold like property
So I can sell mine at a mark-up on the market
While my senseless self goes on to reach my sales targets

I sold my soul to the devil, what can I say?
I sold my soul to the devil, but at least I get paid...

I had my freedom - it was my last defence -
But they broke it down slowly like they did with all the rest
And now it's too late for me to contemplate escaping
Because it's only now, with open eyes, I see what's really happening
So now I falter in my stride I don't defy it, I don't deny
That I will keep doing this, I'll just stay here
And of everything in life this is the only thing I fear.




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