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Hella bands, I got hella bands, I got hella bands
Hella bands, I got hella bands, I got hella bands
Gotdamn, gotdamn

I be so high, I be seeing shit
Riding in the foreign, yellow bone is mine, ‘cause she the bitch
Bring the papi hundreds, stay [?] so he could see the shit
Them niggas is lying, they don’t get it, they just think of it
I be roll when I put up money ‘cause I need the shit
I just retail the whole onion, flip the three of it
I just turned a six into a jug because I need the flip
In the trap house, the police coming, then I’m moving quick
Fucking with my niggas, get you murked and get you killed and shit
Gritty put me on this so you know I had to kill and shit
Call me Guwap, in my trap I keep it real and shit
That’s just how I feel and shit


Hella bands, hella bands, move work through the telegram
RGF goodfellas man, we getting money, just tell your friends
Pakistan, Paterson, Taliban, we counting bands
Push that work up out the band, being broke zero tolerance
Starting now it’s ball game, fuck niggas in the wrong lane
Made pussy, they all lame, fuck them niggas, they small change
Been getting that money, been getting that dough
I been popping them big tags, I been fucking them hoes
You don’t know nothing about that, that life you ain’t ‘bout that
In your house where your spouse at, creep life I’m ‘bout that
Iff you ain’t spending no money, I ain’t really too beat then
Kicks rocks, spin off, get lost, beat it


Uh, did you see these bands, bitch you see my pants
Bitch you see the car, bitch you see the bands
Bitch, you see the rims, let’s go bring a friend
Counting all this money, I’m like where do I begin?
Then she work me like an expert, I want neck first
Big ass choppa in my sweatshirt
A 100k, yeah that’s what my net worth
I be in the trap, don’t even net work
Long as my niggas straight and we getting cake
Through the interstate, ten to eight
I be in the trap, watch me penetrate
Renovate, getting rid of weight, yeah I’m here to stay
This what winners make, I just can’t let it slip away





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