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Superstar I am! I haven't dropped the classic,
No Illmatic, it was written, all I am!
Honest to the public, that I am!
Mr. 305 that I am,
A rapper I'm not, perhaps that's you!
A hater I'm not so perhaps that's you!
Signed a fucked up deal, perhaps that's true,
But I own my publishin', unlike you.
If ya'll would look passed all my hits,
Notice when I say: 'All my hits!'
Pete's got a track record unlike them,
Money made me see
My enemies is really just my friends!
Riding a Lamborghini but not til the end
Money's what you got, not what you spend,
Listen to this verse here, closely
These boys are soft like butter,
But they still wanna toast me,
So put your hands up, nice and slowly
This is stick up,
Now give me what you owe me
TVT now, you know what it is,
I'ma make your name world wide
For not paying us shitttt




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