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[Refrain] Taylor Swift
I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both us
Some day I will be strong enough to lift not one but both of us
Ever thought about losing it
When your money's all gone and you lose your whip
You might lose your grip when the landlord tell ya that you due for rent
And the grass so green on the other side
Make a n-gga wanna run straight through the fence
Open up the fridge 'bout 20 times
But you still can't find no food in it
That's foolishness
And sometimes I wonder, why we care so much about the way we look, and the way we talk and the way we act and the clothes we bought, how much that cost?
Does it even really matter?
Cause if life is an uphill battle
We all try'na climb up the same ol' ladder
In the same boat, with the same ol' battle
Why so shallow? I'm just asking
What's the pattern for the madness
Everybody ain't a number one draft pick
Most of us ain't Hollywood actors
But if it's all for one, and one for all
Then maybe one day, we all can ball
Do it one time for the underdogs
Sincerely yours, from one of y'all

[Refrain] Taylor Swift

I can feel your pain, I can feel your struggle
You just wanna live, been everything so low
That you could drown in a b?
That's why I gotta hold us up, yeah hold us up
For all the times no one ever spoke for us
To every single time that they play this song
You can say that that's what Bobby Ray wrote for us
When the tides get too high
And the sea up underneath get so deep
And you feel like you're just another person
Getting lost in the crowd, way up high in the nosebleed
Uh, because we won't be near yet, both of us
But we still stand tall with our shoulders up
And even though we always against the odds
These are the things that've molded us
And if life hadn't chosen us
Sometimes I wonder where I woulda wound up
Cause if it was up to me, I'd make a new blueprint
Than build it from the ground up, hey
But if it's all for one, and one for all
Then maybe one day, we all can ball
Do it one time for the underdogs
From Bobby Ray, to all of y'all

[Refrain] Taylor Swift



Taynara 12.11.2015
harin tiimee lag n ara yu yum be tayolr swiftig lg geh yum bol miley rihanna beyonce nicol megan fox bol buur gaihamshig boloh baih ed naraas iluu natalia portmen ntr bol bur shiusaqn tenger boloh yum bainal dA

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