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You want it all, you'll have it all
The world will stop, then turn around you
You're feeling tall, some men may fall
And oh... the smell of shit surrounds you

Hey! Hey!
Hail! Hail!

Still the ice in my veins, I hate that name
The mold you made and tried to pour me through
To life fulfilled, I'm taking fill
Hey... you've always sucked, and you always will

You let me down
You let me down

I grew alone, my ever changing home
No time for planting seeds, my friends
That child you left behind, that child you left is blind
To your name and to your kind

Feel, feel, feel... Failed
Down, down, down... You let me down
How does it feel to fail
You let me down

You know, if I ever said anything nice about you
I take it back... I take it all back

You wanted it all, you've got it all
The world of shit, it has absorbed you
You dared it all, dared the axe to fall
And now the curtain call is on you

Hey! Hey!
Hail! Hail!

You failed




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