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Now you're thinkin' ‘bout it,
Girl, you're thinkin' ‘bout it.
What we got here?
How we fuckin' got here?
They recognize,
They just recognize.
I'm in a life without a home, so this recognition's not enough.
I don't care ‘bout nobody else,
‘Cause I've been on these streets way too long,
Baby, I've been on this too long.

‘Cause getting faded too long
Got me on this rolling stone,
So I take another hit,
Kill another serotonin.
With a hand full of beans
And a chest full of weed
Got me singing ‘bout a bitch,
While I'm blowing out my steam.
Yea, I know I got my issues,
Why you think I fuckin' flow?
And Imma keep on smoking 'til I can't hit another note,
Oooh, but until then...

I got you,
Baby, I got you,
Until you're used to my face
And my mystery fades,
I got you.
So, baby, love me,
Before they all love me,
Until you won't love me,
Before they all loved me.
I'll be different,
I think I'll be different,
I hope I'm not different,
And I hope you'll still listen.
But until then...
Baby, I got you,
I got you,
Girl, I still got you,
I got you.




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