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I think we're safe here
Can you hear me
I promise to get you out of this
Just trust me

Trust me

I'll never hurt you (I cross my heart)
So give your heart to me (trust me, I swear)
Cause i need you (I need you)
I need you

I think we lost them
Listen to me
I promise to defend you forever
Believe in me

In me

I'll never (I'll never)
Come down
I'll never (I'll never)
Come down
Down (I'll never come down)

I'ts all according to plan
Now I can breathe
I promise this night is almost over
Don't fear me

Fear me
Fear me

Do you hear me (I'll never hurt you)
Listen to me (so give you hear to me)
Do you hear me (I need you)
Listen to me (goodbye)

I love you (I'll never hurt you)
I need you (I crossed my heart)
I love you (goodbye) this is goodbye (goodbye)




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