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Real trippin niggas
La musica de Harry

Happy niggas
Uh making my mom but I try to cash nigga
That you time out pop bottles and [?]
Groceries full

Uh you know I kill
And give me mother fucker something that I go on
And now I gotta count the money that I been
'Cause I get it in
My brand so long, my babe nigga roll on
My babe fry so long
I hate fake nigga and so on
Take all the money that I made
The sharing be out the reason that you're waiting
Plus I smoke the [?] weed I call it Californication
I [?] for vacation I'm callin all this cake
A hundred thousand for the safe
Just ballin out I'm a face it
Now watch me you should nigga see my pieces truck cropy
My rollin presidential bust the ring that I got all out
Plus the dutchy and I ain't even kocky
Confident that I'm the shit
You ain't the mother fucker what time it is

I'm the [?] of my silent time
Got my winners up in my speaker loud
And we smokin on gonna need a pall
But the haters can see me now
Put the money in the wag
Earnin wanna us get money bro
Get money in the wag
My nigga on the real, all you see is dollar bill

I blow a hundred band get the fuck around with
That holdin you in love with the hoe around me
Cuffin with the Taylor, would you drink in my paper
My music fuck my people but tonight I'm doing [?]
20 years on and I ain't falling off
Niggas flix about the chick and they run their mouth
Ferrari pull up guess some [?] up
Would a double couple hand and some Monday count
Rock it Louie it is I [?] Louie that
Louie on my ass, Louie on my head
When I hit the club Louie in my hand
That's the Louie 13, Louie in my glass




Mia 12.11.2015
definitely a departure for ol' Gucci.a0 I guess if Plane Jane and Iamsu! win neewst, Jay and Foxy win oldest, and Trick Daddy and Trina win nastiest, then Gucci and Esther win most

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