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Yea round we them niggas
You seasonal, temporary livin
You’re wannabe, done in a minute son
You are not a finit
Bitches could tell the difference, they know better than to smoke with ya
Back up a lit, bitch you’ll get the whole picture
So much sicker than them niggas
I’m coughin, they just got hiccups
KC lights, roll bars on my Chevy pickup
Offroad style, leaf kid heavy do this burned stone
Pative, get it done
When the time is crunched like situps
To the challenge I rise, Lamborghini doors
85 corn ties, never seen a real road
From the show, round flow to my seven comp the raj
Got a storage cross town when lights seven mo rise
Touchin side, that Grand Theft Auto life
Rollin up in my safe house, I’m lookin down
Done it by my design
Refusing to compromise

These hazel eyes
These hazel eyes
These hazel eyes
These hazel eyes

They sayin shit changed ‘cause shit change
Not just the horses in my motor, but the car’s for me to show up
I’m a boss and my whole team fly private, black cars
When we roll up – quarter pounds
When we blow up – hit the ground runnin
My watch new cause a nigga sound bove it
And your girlfriend leaving you cause she just wanna be around something
Like playin X-Box and wearin weed socks, beatin round stuntin
Orderin thousand dollar room service, rollin weed up out of onion
Uh I got atmade but I ain’t make it on my own
Oh what about a Pittsburg nigga?
I’m gonna buy a LA home
Rollin up papers, turning down favors
All these fake cushions, I got my own flavor
Hold me down in KKN, that brand new bread
Got to make to make that brand new crib
Need a whip to match that brand new car
Thinkin maybe Maybach, brand new insides
Everything black, young ass nigga, blowin OG in the back
Last time you heard from me I was rollin butup
Lookin dope in my brand new clothes
Eyes closed like someone told them to shut up

These hazel eyes
These hazel eyes
These hazel eyes
These hazel eyes




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