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(feat. Brand Nubian)

Yeah, where the ladies at, where the ladies at?
Check it out, this is for all the ladies out there
With the Lump Lump, holding it down
Running scams, turning tricks, playing players
I'm telling you, you need to snap out of it, know what I'm saying?

[Grand Puba]
What the deal big mama, body like drama
Other than her mind her penny's short of a dime
Sherita doing Rita, slick moving senorita
Give her two margaritas, she's the big willie beater
Head to two fashion, love gear with a passion
Never going out looking slum, I say word she is, son
Nice lump lump, big chest caught me staring
Stretch the D and the Y of a shirt of Donna Karen
She's a schemer, cherry red 502a Beemer
Been out bar hopping an it ain't no stopping
I'm checking out the way that this chicken motivates
Spread legs, waist, and eggs up and down the tri-state
*Woah here she comes*, dig get done
I'm a hit her with a clue and tell her see Frank Perdue
Cause I keep my erection out the ??? section
Cause the wrong interjection might lead to infection
It be trees and cheese then bend the knees
Long a nigga keep paper then it's yours with ease
I know the whole of the half cause I deal with math
Quick to run that ass just to ride us class

"I've been doing my own thing" [x2]

[Lord Jamar]
Yeah I've seen you at the African street fest
Dressed in three fourth to your ankles
Tight wrapped skirt, what can that hurt?
You was buying books giving flirtatious looks
At the brothers that was eyeing your equipment
Light skinned pigment, pierced the belly button
And you couldn't tell her nothing
Said she loved a man with dreads
And wasn't impressed with the name brand threads
Are you seeing through our gameplan?
Sex every night, but never with the same man
A freak for the knowledge, your first week in college
You was sneaking brothers in the dorm
And lost your mind when you got your pad off campus
All the time keeping up the facade, you like to fuck with the gods
Now you stuck between a rock and a hard place
Faced with the facts that your acts are a detriment, to what you represent
Can't be a chicken and act like the science you kicking
Mad niggas be sticking, licking fingers after ever meal
Now she want singers with a deal
I'm only bringing you the real, no matter what I say
You gonna do what you feel

"I've been doing my own thing" [x2]

[Sadat X]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I had seen this chick at the bar, ??? he was thirst
The physical was there but mentally she was the worst
Walked around with her ass out and her glass out
Of her hand, she sees nothing, my man
Ask her world topics, has she been to the tropics
With this cat she hardly know, Scott LaRock "Super Hoe"
Most likely to have a baby from a cat alone lover
Is that your wifey man? No that's my baby mother
You arrive at the pop of a cork, like a hawk
Stay around, chitter chatter, and make small talk
Get figety and then you walk
And you wonder why I drag your name through New York
With the velcro cup that's stuck to your fingers
Searching out the drug dealers and the fly looking singers
Getting passed like a blunt, but in the club you front
You insist that you ain't been twist by ?hevenies?
Niggas are you crazy, I got the figures and the numbers
Don't lie, save your bullshit, don't try to be fly
Live as you live and have a good life
But a chick like that can't make a good wife
These words I say might cut like a knife
But I'm only trying to save you stress and strife

"I've been doing my own thing" [x4]