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No one's gonna tell you when you have to leave

No, you're in control of all your own defeats

And when I politely ask you to give it a shot

You spin quickly around on one foot

and BANG, i'm gone

you like to live in the past days gone by

and you dwell on all of you loved ones that have died

and when i tell you to be happy with what you stil have

you start crying and say "look at what you did

you went and made me sad"

i just can't get it right

and it keeps me up all night

can't you see we're practically at zero

and i'm talking and goddammit,

you still don't even know

should i steal your attention?

wear strappy high heels

just tear the ticket, i'll try to sit still

I guess i'll just go take my place with the crowd

i had a face once, but you may never know that now

it's useless to scream, useless to yell

useless to give, and i just can't sell

i don't know what to do

the many are many, the few are few

and he said

"they're not all like you"

but they're there, so who cares if that's true