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i don't understand the weather

it's hard and steady

delicate like a feather

a falling mist on higher ground

and a downpour of electric sound

my shoulders shake as my eyes recreate

a crushing rain sure to fall down

the weather closes in so that i might drown

and we all made our way to the microphones

and they all made their way to the offices

there's no difference between that and this

the airplanes are flying overhead

day and night, you can hear them from the porch

or the bed

so loud i can't hear you saying "please stay home."

follow the dream till the dream is dead

spites sparks from those who do not

you're a dreamer, you're a dreamer

stop your sleeping in the winter

come and freeze with us here in the icebox

and i made my way to the concert halls

you still haven't found your way out

i won't starve, i won't starve

i'm not hungry at all

with these notes and words in my mouth

finders keepers, i can't give up on this

the drummer is dead but it wasn't the music that killed him

and i made my way to that humid stage

weeping for beauty i was a little bit late

it was all i wanted from the rest of my life

no dancing, no need to

and sunsets are sunsets

they mean nothing to me

i love what i love, i could hear it approaching me

or maybe it was leaving