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standing here by the water

casting my gaze out to the endless sea

but of all the somebodies that i have met here

not one could love somebody like me

i'm wading now, through this water

trying to travel the world in my head

and of all the things i'm far to scared to reach for

it was the one that reached for me that left me dead

well here we are, just molecules apart

i can feel the air move as we tap out this song

and here we are. won't you look down at me

and put me in your pocket for what feels like eternity

i venture out a little deeper

only to get tangled up in seaweed

and the life preserver i left by the shoreline

is just a joke and a distant dream to me

i turn over to float in the moonlight

all i can see is the sky

and my jealousies and grudges are now sailboats

and i shed a tear as they boldly pass me by

well here we are above a sea of sharks

i am flailing out for a feeling

yes here we beneath the pressure of the dark

and the circumstances send me reeling